Old Stowmarket Road
Woolpit, Suffolk

Site Code
WPT 054
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Post Medieval,
Report Number


Between June and July 2016 the first phase of a two stage programme ofarchaeological trial trench evaluation was carried out on a piece of land off Old Stowmarket Road, Woolpit, Suffolk to inform proposals for the development of the site for housing.

Twenty-four archaeologically supervised trenches were excavated within the proposed development area. The trenches were positioned systematically to sample all areas of the site and in order to effectively sample results identified in a geophysical survey. The works revealed that the site had been used in the post medieval period for the quarrying of clay with a number of quarry pits identified within trenches 1-19. Several post-medieval ditches thought to postdate the clay quarrying activity, were also recorded. Earlier features were identified at the southeastern corner of the site in areas undisturbed by post medieval quarrying. A rubbish pit containing charcoal, heat effected flint, worked flint and pottery was identified in trench 24 along with a shallow gully in trench 21 both of which dated to the Early Neolithic Period.