Pakefield High School
Lowestoft, Suffolk

Site Code
LWT 169
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


This post-excavation assessment report presents the preliminary results of an archaeological excavation that was carried out on land at Pakefield Middle School, off Kilbourn Road, Lowestoft in advance of the construction of a new High School building on the southern playing area.

Artefacts and deposits of Prehistoric, Neolithic, Late Saxon/early medieval and postmedieval date were revealed, including a scatter of prehistoric pits, at least one medieval field system, a scatter of small medieval post-holes (potentially relating to some form of structure), medieval clay extraction pits and a post-medieval boundary ditch.

The scatter of up to eleven pits along the northern boundary of the site are believed to be prehistoric in date. No structural form can be determined from these features however. Features of apparent Roman date identified in the evaluation phase have been, in the main, re-attributed to the Late Saxon/ early medieval period due to further artefactual evidence and re-assessment of the ceramic material. It appears that a new pottery type has been identified for this period from this site.

The early medieval field system consists of a north-south boundary, consisting of at least two distinct ditches, with at least two east-west orientated ditches heading to the east from this line. A series of postholes in the centre of the site appear to date to the same period, although their function is unclear and there are no visible or definable alignments.