Proposed Greenhouses, Loraine Way
Bramford, Suffolk

Site Code
BRF 106
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Roman, Post Medieval,
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An archaeological evaluation was carried out on a 22.3ha area of land adjacent to Loraine Way, Bramford, in advance of the construction of a large commercial greenhouse and its associated infrastructure.

A total of one hundred and forty-four trenches were excavated within which a small number of archaeological features were recorded. The majority of these consisted of ditch type features that contained post-medieval material and were coincidental with field boundaries marked on a late 18th estate plan indicating they were part of a relatively recent field system. Other ditches were undated and did not correspond with documented boundaries suggesting they relate to earlier, potentially prehistoric or Roman, field systems. Of greater significance were three pits that yielded quantities of prehistoric pottery along with flint tools and flakes. One has been dated to the Early Neolithic period whilst the other two, which
were located within the same trench, yielded pottery that has been dated to the Early Iron Age.

Immediately following the excavation of trial trenches two areas, one c.20m by 30m and another 20m square, were opened around recorded pits and a two further pits were revealed in the vicinity of the EIA features, although these are earlier, having been dated to the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age period.