RAF Lakenheath Sewage Works
Eriswell, Suffolk

Site Code
ERL 225
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman,
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Excavations were carried out prior to the construction of new sewage filtration tanks on RAF Lakenheath in the parish of Eriswell. The site lies on the edge of Caudle Head, where spring water surfaces from a buried watercourse which drains westward into the Fens. The excavation revealed a metre and half of accumulated deposits with peat at the bottom and top of occupation soils dating from the Late Bronze Age to post Roman period. A complex stratified sequence included the probable ritual deposit of a horses head, and a 1st century Roman cremation burial. At least seven phases of Roman activity consist of probable enclosures, or droveway ditches and fence lines interspersed with dumps of occupation soil.