Reservoir Adjacent to Benacre Wood
Benacre, Suffolk

Site Code
BNC 047
OASIS Number
Site Type
Anglo Saxon, Medieval,
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A trial trench evaluation on the site of a proposed agricultural irrigation reservoir revealed evidence of medieval occupation along the frontage of Wood Lane at the northern limit of the site. This was followed by targeted excavation of a small area around the most archaeologically productive evaluation trenches.

Ephemeral evidence of late prehistoric and Saxon activity was recorded. The principal findings were medieval in date. The earliest of these features were a series of small field and boundary ditches and a single pit which may have become established during the 11th to 12th centuries and appear to have seen use perhaps as late as the 14th century. Sometime in the 13th or 14th century a moated site was established. Although this was only partially revealed, three arms of its ditch could be examined showing that it appeared to have been relatively small (the visible area enclosed just 240m2) and short-lived (abandoned before the onset of the 15th century). Limited evidence of structures and domestic occupation on the moated platform was recorded. Contemporary in date to the moat was a pond immediately adjacent to the western moat ditch and two superimposed sub-rectangular enclosures some 100m to the east.