Shackerland Hall Quarry
Badwell Ash, Suffolk

Site Code
BAA 013
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Roman,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken to assess the archaeological potential of 'Phase 7' ofShackerland Hall Quarry. A limited programme of trenching uncovered the edge of an ancient mere and watercourse which ran roughly parallel to the modern Westley Road. There was evidence of both Romano-British, and prehistoric, settlement alongside the watercourse.

Of special interest were two wooden artefacts recovered from waterlogged peat. These have not yet been analysed but the first was a carved paddle suitable for a canoe; the second is variously described as a trough, sledge, or boat. Carved from a half-split log, it measures c. 1.35m long x c. 0. 52m wide with a 'draft ofc.0.23cm. Both objects are as yet undated but the stratigraphy suggests a Roman date, or earlier.