Shadingfield to Stoven Trunk Main
Brampton, Suffolk

Site Code
BRP -, SDG -, SVN -
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Undated,
Report Number


Fieldwalking and monitoring of the Shadingfield to Stoven Trunk Main in 1992 recorded a considerable amount of archaeological information relatign to past settlement in the parishes concerned. A medieval pottery scatter found in Field 8 (SDG 021) almost certainly represents the site of a farm or cottage of thirteenth or fourteenth century date. Under idea circumstances this area should have been excavated, however given the difficult conditions encountered on a narrow pipeline the information recorded is an adequate record of the site. The medieval scatters in Fields 1 and 5 (SDG 016 and 018) probably indicate settlement of this date nearby. In these cases, monitoring pipeline work gave an adequate record of the archaeological deposits encountered. The same may be said of the burnt flint scatters in fields 1 and 6 (SDG 017 and 019). Although these sites are not dated and represent evidence for past activities about which we have little knowledge they are worth recording.