Sheringham Court, Milton Road
Stowmarket, Suffolk

Site Code
SKT 058
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was carried out on land at Little Sheringham Court, Milton Road, Stowmarket in April 2010. During this work, archaeological features, consisting of ditches, pits, post-holes, and planting features associated with formal gardens, were recorded and artefacts ranging from the prehistoric to the post-medieval periods were recovered. These findings suggested aside from the later activity, an area of possibly significant medieval occupation existed within the site with a back ground of low level prehistoric activity.

In light of the archaeological potential suggested by the evaluation a small open area excavation was subsequently undertaken which revealed further pits, postholes and ditches. A relatively large assemblage of medieval finds was recovered from these features but a large proportion of this was found to be residual. Only five features yielded solely medieval pottery, a ditch and four pits or possible post holes, but in numbers too small to provide secure dating. The medieval material recovered form this site has probably originated from middens, located in what was probably waste ground on the outer edge of the medieval town, that have become dispersed across the site by later activities.

Other features located within the open area excavation have been dated to the post medieval period and are probably related to agricultural practices and/or the later formal gardens that are recorded in documentary evidence (a brief Documentary Survey is included as an appendix to the report). A dense concentration of pits were noted in one of the evaluation trenches to the north west of the main site, which is probably related to sporadic sand and gravel extraction during the 18th and 19th centuries.