Shotley Marina
Shotley, Suffolk

Site Code
SLY 160
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval, Modern,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken during October 2006 to investigate the potential for buried archaeology and to assess what possible landscaping may have occurred within an area of land adjacent Shotley Marina, Shotley in advance of a proposed residential development.

Six test trenches were machine excavated to the depth of the undisturbed natural subsoil. A series of services associated with the former HMS Ganges Training Establishment, the site of which lies adjacent the marina, and three cut features were exposed. Two of the cuts appeared as linear trenches and contained a large amount of early 20th century debris. The site lies on a steep slope with a rising terrace running across. Towards the top of the slope the terrace appears to have been widened through the deposition of spoil, probably during the mid to late 20th century, whereas in an area lower down the terrace appeared to have been created by cutting in to the slope. At the top of the slope an earthwork bank runs N-S within which are a series of World War II air raid shelters. Beyond this lies Shotleypoint Battery, a 19th century gun battery and now a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Investigation of this slope suggests that to a certain extent it has been landscaped to create a glacis in front of the battery and consequently it should be considered as part of the battery.