'Site B', Kempson Way
Rougham, Suffolk

Site Code
RGH 044
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An archaeological excavation was carried out at Site B, Suffolk Business Park, Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds from the 14th to the 22nd December 2005, in advance of construction of a postal sorting and delivery office.

A total of twenty features were located, excavated and recorded, the most notable being a buried prehistoric occupation layer which lay preserved within a natural hollow in the south-western corner of the site. This feature produced exceptional quantities of prehistoric pottery, dating to the earlier Neolithic period (c.4000-3000BC), along with significant quantities of worked flint. A further group of features, mainly small pits, lay immediately to the north. These features produced less in terms of finds, although pit 0038 contained a fabricator, a large flint implement, which is thought to have been used for retouching. Small numbers of shatter pieces, spalls and chips were also among the assemblage, possibly indicating that flint knapping took place at the site. The location has added significance, due to the close proximity of a further five sites within half a kilometre immediately to the north, some of which have also produced prehistoric occupation deposits.