Site to the Northeast of 1 Ellwoods Close
Isleham, Cambridgeshire

Site Code
ECB 4634
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


An archaeological trial trench evaluation was undertaken by Suffolk Archaeology CIC on land to the northeast of 1 Ellwoods Close, Isleham, Cambridgeshire. A total area of 54sqm (c.5% of the total 0.11ha site) was evaluated to assess the quantity, quality and extent of any surviving archaeological deposits within a field currently lying fallow.

The evaluation revealed seven linear features aligned north-north-east to south-south-west and perpendicular, one posthole and one natural tree throw. Dating evidence was sparse but the features appear to represent two main phases of archaeological activity, the first broadly dating to the Roman period and the second the early to mid Anglo-Saxon period. A single sherd of potential Iron Age date was also recovered that may broaden this date range to the prehistoric period. Agricultural activity dominates both phases of activity with small enclosure ditches employed for either arable farming or animal husbandry and there is evidence of butchery, grain processing and storage and light industrial metalworking.

The evidence of Roman features on this site adds to the relatively scarce evidence for activity from this period in Isleham, indicating that the Roman activity recently identified at ECB 4610 to the north-west extends over a broader area, and is therefore of potential local and regional significance. The relative quantity of the pottery assemblages between this site and ECB 4610 perhaps suggests that any focus for domestic occupation lies to the north-west.