Strawberry Field
Pakenham, Suffolk

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PKM 026
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A watching brief was carried out during the laying of a water pipe to the north of what is suggested to be the centre of a Roman small town. The evidence from the monitoring of the trench has established with a high degree of accuracy the course of the Roman road towards the river crossing. Although the section is about 200m from the current course of the river it suggests the road or a ford crossed slightly to the west of the current bridge. The combination of stratigraphic and finds evidence is consistent with a substantial high status building set back about 30m from the road frontage; they also point towards a building with a hypocaust. The extent of the building after this is difficult to gauge although the clay to the east indicates at least one room in that direction. Although only a small area was seen it should perhaps be compared with a hypocaust building identified on the road frontage approximately 100m to the south.