The Cromwell Inn, 76 High Street
Lakenheath, Suffolk

Site Code
LKH 318
OASIS Number
Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Medieval,
Report Number


A Desk Based Assessment (DBA) was carried out to assess the potential of the proposed development site to contain heritage assets. The sites positiuon within the known archaeological landscape was assessed through an examination of the Historic Environment Record (HER), aerial photographs and a documentary search. The development area of approximately 912sqm lies in the centre of Lakenheath, forming part of the High Street road frontage and opposite the parish Church of St Mary. It lies towards the top of a natural slope rising from the edge of the fens to the west.

The DBA shows that there is high potential for multi-period archaeological deposits to exist upon the site. This is due to its fen-edge location within a dense band of prehistoric and Roman activity and its position within the area of archaeological importance for Lakenheath. This designation encompasses the area of the medieval town and any location within it accordingly has a high potential for Anglo-Saxon or medieval archaeological remains relating to the settlements early history. Documentary research and results from archaeological fieldwork on the adjacent plot suggest that the site will
have been in use since at least the thirteenth century, with possible origins for occupation in the Anglo-Saxon period.