The Globe, Old Market Street
Lowestoft, Suffolk

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OASIS Number
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Desk-Based Assessment
Medieval, Post Medieval,
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This archaeological Desk Based Assessment was undertaken to inform the planning process in advance of a proposed residential development on land located to the north of Lowestoft town centre, close to what was the earlier focus of the town prior to the development of the harbour and the railway in the 19th century.

The assessment found no evidence of any significant activity in the area of the site during the prehistoric, Roman, or Anglo-Saxon periods although there is significant evidence for activity from the medieval period through to present times. The site lies within the known limits of the medieval town of Lowestoft, as recorded on earlier maps, and is situated adjacent to a former market that is of at least post-medieval date if not earlier. The site is the site of a public house, The New Globe (currently closed), the history of which could be traced back to the 18th century with some evidence that it existed earlier than this under a different name.