The Maltings
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Site Code
BSE 200
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


The construction of flats along Westgate Street involved the demolition of an extensive malting complex and led to a small excavation on a small strip of land with a College Street frontage. The earliest evidence from the site was probably a series of postholes suggesting a post built building to the north of the plot, however the dating evidence was inconclusive. The main site was scattered with cess pits during the medieval and late medieval periods and there was a series of ovens suggesting some industrial activity. Medieval concrete, recovered from a cess-pit, is a rare find which suggests there was a high status building close by. Later activity on the site, including the excavation of a rectangular flint and mortar lined pit, which was backfilled in the 19th century, probably relate to the maltings which has stood on part of the site since the 18th century.

It is suggested that the lack of building evidence for most of the sites history is because it was part of a property which fronted onto Westgate Street, and was no more than a backyard area. It is noticeable that the property indicated by the Warren map is similarly aligned and that this arrangement seems to have continued until the present.