Three Blackbirds, 36 Ditton Green
Woodditton, Cambridgeshire

Site Code
ECB 4836
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was carried out on land to the rear of the Three Blackbirds public house, Ditton Green, Woodditton, Cambridgeshire on 31st October 2016 as a condition on a planning application relating to the construction of a new guest annex along with the extension of the existing car park. The two trenches excavated, measuring 25m in total, identified a subsoil layer approximately 0.3m thick across the site which contained sherds of both medieval and post-medieval pottery. Three features were excavated, one of which contained early medieval pottery sherds. However, these
were considered to be of natural derivation rather than the result of human intervention.