Tilbury Fort - replacement of the main electrical supply
Tilbury, Essex

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Post Medieval,
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Continuous archaeological monitoring of the hand excavation of a trench dug to replace the electrical supply cable to the buildings within Tilbury Fort was undertaken during October 2010. A total of 265m of hand dug trench was examined, the majority of which was within an existing trench excavated for the original supply cable.

Only three archaeological features of any note were revealed comprising a slab of stone that probable formed part of the foundation beneath the corner of the early 18th century blast wall around the East Magazine, the base of a narrow brick wall adjacent to the East Magazine and the base of a brick wall adjacent to the West Magazine. The wall base noted adjacent to the East Magazine is probably the remains of a 19th century wall that would have subdivided the space within the surrounding wall. The wall base noted adjacent the West Magazine is likely to be the remains of an earlier ticket office that was in use when the Landport Gate on the north side of the fort acted as the public entrance. A very small number of artefacts, primarily late 19th century clay pipe fragments and building material, were recovered but as residual finds in a previously excavated trench; they were not retained.