University Campus Suffolk, Phase 1 - Neptune Quay
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IPS 500
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken during January 2007 to assess the nature of land reclamation and to investigate the potential for buried archaeology within an area adjacent the River Orwell on land situated on the corner of Coprolite Street and Fore Street, Ipswich, in advance of the proposed University Campus Suffolk development.

Two linear trenches were machine excavated within which natural silting and reclamation deposits in excess of 3m deep were recorded. These deposits overlay dense grey river silt indicative of salt marsh and tidal mudflats. Other than the remains of a post-medieval cellar associated with a structure fronting onto Fore Street, no significant archaeological features were noted in either trench. It was expected that an earlier quay wall would be encountered but the area where it was predicted to be had been heavily disturbed by the extensive foundations of a 1950s silo structure. The presence of services and other 1950s building foundations precluded a relocation of the trench.