Wangford Quarry Covert Extension, 1st Phase
Wangford, Suffolk

Site Code
WNF 023
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Medieval,
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In advance of gravel extraction a tWangford Quarry, a large open-area excavation and adjacent monitored soil strip was undertaken.

At the northern edge of the site, part of a ring-ditch of prehistoric (probably Bronze Age) date was revealed. Of
likely funerary function, no burials or cremations were identified, although the centre of the ring (the most usual location for burial) was situated outside the excavation area. A complex group of intercutting pits was located 25m to the west of the ring-ditch, many of these pits containing frequent and sometimes large fragments of Early Bronze Age Beaker pottery.

To the south and southwest of the ring-ditch individual pits and features were encountered up to a distance of 150m from the ring. Many of these pits were undated but some were clay-lined and appeared to contain burnt material - occasionally with small fragments of burnt bone - possibly indicating pyre debris. Other features contained prehistoric pot of a variety of dates. A small cluster of pits 60-80m to the south-west of the ring-ditch contained loom-weights varying in date from the Bronze to the Iron Age. Along the northern edge of the site a curving ditched enclosure has been tentatively dated to the medieval period and mightrelate to the adjacent lane, itself probably of medieval origin.