Wangford Quarry: proposed southern extension
Wangford, Suffolk

Site Code
WNF 029
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Medieval,
Report Number


Trial trench evaluation of the proposed southern extension to Wangford Quarry, identified a series of ditches in the western half of the site, some of these on the same alignment as ditches extending from site WNF 023 to the north. It is possible that these ditches are part of a single N-S/E-W rectilinear enclosure, which could be up to 260m in length, or a series of separate ditch systems, possibly including some smaller enclosures, all on similar alignments. The ditch system may be medieval but a later prehistoric or Roman date cannot be ruled out.

A scatter of unstratified flintwork across the western half of the site suggests that Neolithic activity was widespread in this area. A pit of Early Neolithic date containing the remains of a single vessel was also revealed. One feature contained large fragments of at least two different Middle Bronze Age urns, similar to vessels recovered from a cremation cemetery c.370m to the north.