Windsor Circle and Halifax Street, RAF Lakenheath
Eriswell, Suffolk

Site Code
ERL 213 and ERL 217
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman,
Report Number


This assessment contains the results of an archaeological excavations carried out at Windsor Circle and Halifax Street, RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell. The report quantifies each site archive and assesses their potential and significance, as applied to specific research questions drawn from both regional and local research agendas.

The excavations were located with a rich archaeological landscape known to contain prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and Medieval activity. Particularly prevalent with the immediate vicinity of the proposed development areas are numerous late Iron Age and Early Roman sites. The five excavation areas investigated on Windsor Circle (ERL 213) identified an archaeological landscape containing a single Early Bronze Age cremation and at least two later prehistoric field systems. The two areas defined for excavation in the Halifax Street site (ERL 217) each identified a moderately concentrated surviving archaeological horizon that was predominantly populated by Late Iron Age to early Roman evidence. Included within the archaeology were several enclosure systems (early Roman), at least one structure (Roman), a crouched burial (likely to be prehistoric) and various discreet features and ditch systems.